XpegT is available in three different Versions:
XpegT Lite - Does not has many features, encodes only one file at once. Simple and fast in use.
Xpegt Red - Has batch encoding and M-Load, more extra options and Cut, Crop & Pad feature.
Xpegt more - (Not even in development yet) Like XpegT Red but will also provide filters (denoise, color enhance,etc).


04. March 2010: XpegT is not dead yet! Although there has not happened much recently. I'm currently working on a new version of XpegT Lite but I just don't have the time to finish it. I will try to release at least an alpha version within the next two weeks.
The new XpegT Lite will have:
- a list of input files, encoding all with the same setting
- Profiles: define an encoding setting, save it and use it whenever you need it
- (maybe a 64Bit version of ffmpeg)
- support for new ffmpeg versions

29. Dec 2009: I don't have much time to work on XpegT that's why there were no updates in the last time. but I'm planing to release a new and improved version of XpegT Lite in the next days, which will have an updated version of ffmpeg and some useful features.

The Future of XpegT

(Not) Coming this Year!

23.10.08 XpegT Lite 8.10 is out now
17.09.08 XpegT Lite 8.09 R2 released
08.09.08 XpegT Lite 8.09 released
18.07.08 XpegT 8.07 RC2 released
05.06.08 XpegT RC1 available
23.05.08 New Screenshots of XpegT Red

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