Lightmap Tutorial 2

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Radiosity Lightmap generation with Blender (Part 2/2)

Move the new mesh to an empty layer ( M button ) and make the layer active.

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With the mesh still selected go to the Edit buttons and delete all materials. Also set the lightmap UV Layer as default render target.

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Now switch over to the Material buttons, create and assign this material to the mesh. Name it Radio or whatever. We want to use the vertex colors of the mesh therefore enable VCol Paint and Shadeless because we dont need light from lamps. You could also try VCol Light enabled and Shadeless to get other results.

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The final step is to render the lightmap. In the Render buttons look for the Bake window. The Clear button enabled is necessary to use the Margin value which should be at least 2 or else you will get bad artifacts. Finally push the bake button and see the lightmap being generated.

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After that switch back to the layer with your original models and enable textured render mode (Alt+T) to see the result.

Here's the lightmap in action. All lights are disabled and only the lightmap is used ( I guess it's a little to dark ).

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Of course you should not forget to save the image (as well as your models). From the Image Editor select Image->Save and you're finished.

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